Apple Products Shipping Time Lowered To 24 Hours

Those looking to get their hands on Apple’s latest main smartphone in time for the holidays should not have a difficulty.

Apple this week updated its online store to say that all carrier versions of the iPhone 5s are now available to send within 24 hours including the sought after gold model. Those looking to buy an unsubsidized and unlocked handset will, yet, still must wait a couple of days for their device.

The new shipping times are a huge advancement over previous delays. The silver and space gray models, meanwhile, have faced transportation delays as long as 7 to 10 business days.

At this point, the space grey, silver, and gold iPhone 5s models in all storage capacities are advertised as available to send within 24 hours. This consists of models compatible with Verizon, AT&T, and Sprint.

If you’d rather choose the unlocked and contract-free iPhone 5s with a T-Mobile SIM card, you’ll need to wait 1-3 business days, while the SIM-free unlocked model$739.00 at Amazon is listed with an estimated wait time of 3-5 days.


You’ll get a break on transport costs, if you’re planning to purchase a brand new iPhone for the holiday season. Apple is offering free shipping on everything ordered through 5’s store through Dec. 22. But remember to check out the Christmas shipping deadlines of Apple.

Since its launch, the 5s has been a hot commodity. Apple sold 9 million united 5s and 5c versions in its first weekend of release.

Entertainment personality Ryan Seacrest has his hand in everything, from radio and television to philanthropy and picture. But now he seems to be taking a page from Ashton Kutcher’s playbook to add technology to his laundry list of investments.

Seacrest threw his money and influence behind The Typo Keyboard Case, a new iPhone accessory which he helped to co-found. An exact amount wasn’t shown, but All Things D reported that Seacrest and his co-founder invested more than a $1 million, and could fork over more than $5 million.

It ends up, in Hollywood, everyone carries two phones one for long- shape typing, and an iPhone for basically everything. Inspired by the business’s surpluses, Seacrest and Show Media CEO Laurence Hallier determined to take matters into their own hands.

“After ordering every smartphone computer keyboard accessible, they recognized that there was no alternative that worked well,” a Typo news release said. “That is when the Typo Keyboard was created.”

After almost two years of development, engineering, testing, and feedback, the “indispensable business tool” is gearing up for its debut at January’s Consumer Electronics Show.

Constructed for the iPhone 5 and 5s, the two-piece accessory slides onto the handset, serving as a protective casing and full keyboard. Exceptionally reminiscent of the Blackberry’s celebrated QWERTY keyboard, the iPhone’s allimportant House button is covered by the sadly called Typo, and adds length to the 5 -inch device.

But, removing the need for letters that are on-screen, users gain 40 percent of the display back, leaving more room to write e-mails or reminder words on the run.

According to the business site, the 1.4-oz case doubles typing time, and, ironically, reduces the quantity of typos. In addition, it includes a backlit keyboard and a rapid-charging 180 mAh battery, prepared for use in a hour.


Download Cydia and take advantage of great tweaks and Apps

Most of you must know what Cydia is and how to download Cydia if you already own an iOS device. If there are any new starters who have just heard about jailbreaking, you must be informed that this process is used in order to unleash your iOS device from the Apple boundaries in case you are unhappy with the fact that the Apple Store does not approve with a bunch of Apps that you might be interested in using.

Jailbreaking is an easy procedure, and once it is done, you are able to use a third party store, Cydia, which is similar to the Apple Store, but has fewer restrictions. When using a jailbroken device you have the possibility to download free Cydia apps but there are also tweaks and applications that must be paid for.

Jailbreaking Your iOS: Easy and Secure

cydia downloadAs already stated, jailbreaking is not difficult to be done, and nothing can go wrong as long as all the steps are followed properly. Those who have no idea what to do and when to do it should not be worried at all, because the internet is filled with tutorial about jailbreaking and using the Cydia download Store. The steps that the iOS users need to follow in order to release their devices from the Apple boundaries are all written in articles and the tutorials I mentioned before. So, nothing can go wrong and their devices will function perfectly after the process is completed. However, all users are advised to back up their device before starting because, although there should be no problems if the jailbreaking steps are followed carefully and correctly, it is better to be safe than sorry.

There is important information that all iOS owners should know: once they choose to jailbreak their gadgets, they also decide to give up the Apple updates. However, this should not be a problem because as written above, Cydia Store offers all they need when it comes to apps and tweaks.

This would be all the information that iOS users should have regarding jailbreaking the device. The steps that must be followed are, as I said, available online.


The Tips About The Way To Jailbreak The IPhone By Yourself.

31Those of you have no thought regarding the way to jailbreak the iPhone or even the advantages for applying this strategy, it’ll certainly enable more customization in addition to installing third party applications. It’ll similarly permit altering the whole appears of the iPhone and in addition other Apple products. The maker will not be providing any assistance and aid, although remember that by jailbreaking the apparatus and it might invalidate the guaranty.

There are lots of approaches to jailbreak the iPod, iPhone and also iPad goods, but undoubtedly you should realize this activity has an unique risk. Consequently, it’s instead proposed for you to really back-up the whole info first prior to starting with this special procedure. Here are the hints on the way to jailbreak the iPhone by applying several strategies in the soundest ways.


This really is actually the internet-based or on-line jailbreaking strategy and many people believed that is actually the quickest method to jailbreak iPhone. By means of this procedure, there’s absolutely no pc software essential. It’s extremely price-free, riskfree and undoable by dealing with the iTunes to recuperate this apparatus.  But nonetheless it’s highly advised to back-up the info first prior to do this procedure.

Soon after duplicating the whole information, visit the about the handset itself. Whenever you appear within the website, you’ll notice the arrow symbol in addition to what ‘slide to jailbreak ‘. Slide it and await a procedure of JailbreakMe in your telephone. If the procedure has completed, there’ll become a popup display shows up demonstrating that ‘Cydia has been put into the house display. Have some fun!’ then click ‘OK’.

PwnageTool and Redsnow.

Both applications have been often utilized by men and women to prison- break the Apple items correctly.


The Limera1n might be done as the application for ipod Touch also and 3G 4G, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPad in addition to the AppleTV 2G. The applications may function on Windows or Macintosh operating systems. Listed here are the methods to complete the strategy.

First, it’s wise to obtain the program from your Available the limera1n program and push the ‘make it ra1n’ hyperlink. Link the telephone for the pc through USB data cable. The iTunes may launch during this procedure and you may immediately shut the iTunes first. Then you’ll discover this system enters the restoration setting. Afterwards, you’ll definitely be focused to hold-down the House and in addition Electricity keys at once. Cease pressing the Power switch the moment the order discussion ‘release power switch’ turns up, but continue pushing the House crucial.

You will notice the Limera1n emblem appears in the screen of your iPhone and you also must find the ‘done’ message appears if the jailbreak method has concluded. After that, install Cydia by starting the Limera1n from your iPhone dwelling display. After the Cydia is setup right, you should reboot the mobile and also the jailbreak procedure is finished.

Generally, you should pick the one which will match your essentials including the process depending on your own referrals. The Two important ideas will be the data back-up essential and do the method at your own individual dangers. Ideally, the evaluation will provide many advantages and help you more get regarding the way to jailbreak the iPhone all on your own.


Best IPhone 4 Case

Happy owners of an Apple iPhone 4 must look into getting themselves the finest iPhone 4 situation too. These cases can be found in a myriad of colors, styles as well as materials and they will have several diverse uses. Not only do they look after the 4 from the weather and from harm once it drops down, additionally, it makes the iPhone more distinctive and appealing to examine.

The well-known ‘antennagate’ difficulty of the iPhone 4 may even be answered with the assistance of some helpful addresses for iPhone 4. Such addresses will shield the place of the bottom-left phase of the telephone where the antenna exists, as well as whenever you maintain the 4 on this place, the reception transmission won’t endure.

There are a bunch of resources from where you are able to acquire the iPhone addresses and 4 cases, right from a huge store, even and for the Web from the neighborhood roadside seller. Then you definitely have to pick this up, should you view a situation for your 4 that you enjoy. Proprietors of a 4 may let you know a case is really one of the finest iPhone accessories you could get on your own.

What’s the iPhone 4 Case?

You have to not forget the power, and also the measure of an iPhone 4 situation can’t be determined in the cost of the case itself. That charges a bundle simply because one instance is higher priced than another doesn’t always imply that it’s better or provides more protection, unless it’s a high-end iPhone 4 case. Keeping that in your mind, below are some of the iPhone 4 cases for safety that you ought to take a glance at.

Case Partner Performer Sequence – $34.99

Griffin Show – $24.99

IFrogz Luxe Unique – $29.99

OtterBox Defender Series – $49.95

Rhino DuraForm Situation – $9.95

Speck Mathematical – $29.95

Then you’ll want a powerful and durable case if you want to take your own iPhone 4 away with you whenever you move running and sprinting. Attempt the Belkin armbands for all these minutes, and any version out of their show is regarded to be the finest iPhone 4 situation for jogging. So there’s certainly no possibility of the iPhone sliding out as well as dropping in the earth as long as you’re operating these cases may probably be secured to your own arm.

There is a pack of sites and technologies forums which also have several greatest iPhone 4 case evaluations to them, in order to consult them too. There are several long-standing favorite iPhone 4 cases that many iPhone 4 proprietors choose, and also you could learn about them. You also need to take into account what your living problems and routines are like. Then you definitely may require an iPhone 4 case that suits such problems should you invest lots of time outside, and you’ll likely actually prefer to think about sometimes a watertight iPhone situation.

As stated before, the iPhone 4 case for reception and safety is really one of the need to have iPhone 4 add-ons that you ought to think about sometimes. There are lots of benefits to do so, and you’ll find dozens and dozens of trendy iPhone cases to really select from.


Cydia Apps for Messaging

These days, everybody enjoys sending text messages or email for communicating with friends. This method is simpler and easier than initiating a phone call. Although the iPhone and iOS offer a multitude of choices and features, it is pretty easy to add new ones that will turn out to be very effective and convenient. You will be able to send text messages in a simple and quicker way. Fortunately, Cydia download store is the place where users are able to find so many useful apps and tweaks that can enhance the power of their devices.

The next three jailbreak apps are meant to make your messaging experience easier and more fruitful than before. If you choose to add these Cydia apps and tweaks to your iPhone, you will see the benefits.

QuickReply For SMS

The QuickReply tweak is pretty easy. It allows users to reply to a text message, using the native iOS Messaging app, without leaving the application you are currently in. As far as the notification is concerned, you simply receive a notification as normal, but when selecting the Reply button, you will be able to see a transparent version of the messaging app. This box will allow you to reply to the incoming message without leaving your current application.

I’m Busy SMS

This tweak is more than useful. While the Android-based devices have this feature as a native option, the iPhone users felt a little bit left aside. Now, with I’m Busy SLS, you can configure your device to automatically reply to a number with a text notification of your choice. Whenever you are not able to answer a phone call, you just tap on the alternative SMS, and it will be sent automatically. Unfortunately, some of you might consider the $2.99 Cydia app to be a little bit expensive.

ManualCorrect Pro

ManualCorrect Pro makes your life easier when using the iOS AutoCorrect feature. Since the native autocorrect feature might be a little bit too difficult and annoying for some of you, this Cydia tweak will allow you to continue with the work you typed initially. However, you can still have the option to choose the corrected word by simply tapping the AutoCorrect suggestion. In the same time, you can add as many words as you want to the dictionary database.

With the help of these three great Cydia apps, you have the possibility to type faster while the ManualCorrect Pro tweak assists your words, to reply faster with QuickReply SMS, and if you are not able to take a phone call, you can decline it while sending an automatic text message. Cydia download free is the right option when you want to add multiple useful apps to your iOS device.


Free Cydia Apps to Download

People choose to jailbreak their iDevice in order to have Cydia. Cydia is an app center that offers a wider variety of apps, tweaks and programs which are available for free download. It is that simple. Once you know how to use Cydia download, you will see how many advantages you will have. Since on Cydia download you are able to find almost any type of app, you want, there is no need for other App platform. There are camera apps, utility apps, games, themes or emulators; all available to download.

Some of these Cydia apps are free of charge while others cost a small amount of money. Therefore, here are some great Cydia apps free of charge that you can easily download. SBSettings is one of the best free Cydia apps to download because it allows users to configure their device in order to place the most used features next to them, in the Notification Center. This means that you will be able to turn Bluetooth of/off anytime you want. Winterboard does not need any other introduction. We all know that this is the only way in which you are able to get rid of the dull theme imposed by Apple. Choose theme that defines the way you are and then, switch to it. When you have a jailbroken device and you choose to upgrade your firmware, then you definitely need the AppBackup tweak. Using it, you will be able to save all your Cydia apps in a safe place and restore them when the upgrade is completed. The asBattery app is useful when you want to know how much power is left in your device. The battery percentage will be displayed next to the battery icon at the top.

Use wisely your device and start taking advantage of Cydia download in a different way.


Free tweaks for multiple features

Now, when we speak about Cydia and its utility, things changed a lot and its purpose is now different. It is different now to use Cydia as a genuine app store. Is in the beginning it was conceived as an alternative app store, now its role increased even more. With Cydia, you can add new and amazing features to your device and you will be trilled to find out that some of those great features are free of charge. This is the best part with Cydia; the part that convinces everybody to jailbreak.

Since Cydia acts pretty much as an App Store, you will see that there, you can find anything you want. From appearance tweaks, to higher performance and livelong battery features. In order to show you some advantages that you will gain when you download the right free Cydia tweaks, I want to mention several tools and that can help you to change the whole appearance of your device. In the first part, the most famous Cydia app is the WinterBoard. This app is famous for its utility and for the fact that it helps you to change themes, as you want, wallpapers and ringtones. Normally, with a clean iPhone you are not able to do these things. Secondly, small Cydia tweaks are the ones that make the difference. A small icon such as the IconRenamer will help you to change the name of all of your installed apps. This does not seem much big of a deal, but it is important. On the other hand, iBlank helps you to create blank icons to place on the Springboard in order to create a special design. With a simple Cydia download, you will be able to download and install the BytaFont that is great especially if you use to write a lot. It will be a true help to recognize hundred of different fonts and make them compatible on your device.

To conclude, I want to tell you something. Cydia has become a necessity and people jailbreak only to have full access to Cydia. I know that it is something different but this difference is what we need in order to use our devices differently.



Jailbreak 5.1.1 with Absinthe 2.0 -step by step

It is easy to take a decision to start jailbreak on your device. The good news for iOS 5.1.1 users is the fact that jailbreak 5.1.1 is now available for downloading. For this process, users can employ various jailbreak tools. The most popular one can be represented by Absinthe 2.0. Many Apple users decided to download Absinthe to perform jailbreak 5.1.1. The whole process is easy and simple. Now, I will try to show you step by step how to use Absinthe 2.0 to perform jailbreak 5.1.1.

Absinthe has proved its utility and ability to perform jailbreak on any Apple device without presenting any risk or problem. Your personal data will be kept safe during the whole process. However, even with this certitude, I advise you to perform a complete back up using iTunes. If you set a passcode for your device, you should disable it to avoid further complications. The second step is to download and extract the software on your device. Once you connect it to your PC, you may start jailbreak. Tap on Absinthe folder and hit the jailbreak button. The jailbreak 5.1.1 will start in several instances. This will take only several minutes and in this time, you should not do anything related to your device. Have some patience because it is safer like this. Once the process is completed, you will see Absinthe icon on your screen. Tap the icon to boot your device again in a jailbreak mode. This will finish jailbreak 5.1.1 and Cydia icon will appear on your home screen. This is the sign that tells you that jailbreak 5.1.1 was a complete success. Unplug your device from your computer and start exploring Cydia and its benefits.

Absinthe is the right solution for you if you decide to perform jailbreak 5.1.1 on your home, in the comfort of your own home. The good part is the Absinthe works just fine on Windows, Mac and even Linux.


The most important repos on Cydia


As you all know, Cydia is a valuable source for amazing and useful apps and tweaks. The Apple Store can provide you all those apps but you will have to pay for each one of them. On the other hand, we have the help of Cydia to download all those great Cydia apps and tweaks for free. This is the best part with Cydia. It offers us the opportunity to maximize performance and power without charging any money. Cydia only comes when you jailbreak your device. Therefore, if you want to have Cydia on your side, you need to jailbreak your device now. Since this process is free and simple, you should start it now. After you have Cydia on your device, you can start exploring it at its full capacity. Once you start Cydia for the first time, you need to register as users and start adding some of the best Cydia sources. This means that you have to add a database where you can search for apps and tweaks.

At the beginning, you will have some default sources added. If you consider that these apps are enough for you, you may remain in this position. On the other hand, if this thing does not please you, you can easily add other sources. I want to show some valuable Cydia sources to help you. In the first instance, there is the SinFul phone repo. This is a great source for amazing free Cydia tweaks because it is a host of amazing cracked paid apps. If you have the possibility to download them free, why not take advantage of it?

In the second place, I want to place the iModZone where you can find other great apps. If you do not find a certain app on one source, you can easily try on a different one. In the third place, there is the apt.xellize repo. This source hosts only payable apps but when you really need a certain tweak, I am sure that you will send several bucks on it.

These are only some important repos but there are the standard repos, which come along with Cydia that are also very useful and valuable. When you find a different source, add it to your Cydia portfolio and then share it with others.


Cydia Download is a MUST!

I am Peggy and this is my blog. I am a girl with an iPhone and I just discover the world of jailbreaking, and Cydia and Cydia apps and I am overwhelmed with a lot of information. I want to explain everything to you guys but I have to take it one step at a time so both you and I don’t get confused.

First of all you have to understand the term Cydia. Cydia is a third party app store which provides great apps ( also known as Cydia Apps ) that aren’t available in Apple’s app store. Why do you need them? Well, they bring a lot new features and functionality to your iDevice, and make it a lot more interesting. How did Cydia emerge? Well, because of Apple and their restrictions.

So, let’s say that you want to download and install Cydia on your iPhone or iPad. The process is called jailbreaking and it involves a PC or a Mac, an USB cable and a software called Absinthe, or Redsnow or Snowbreeze.

You can find tutorials on how to do that all over the web, and I will also post a tutorial within my next post just in case you don’t find the right resources.

You will also find a tutorial about downloading and installing Cydia apps in the video embedded below, that I’ve found online and tested for you.

Feel free to contact me and ask be about anything you need regarding the iPhone and the jailbreak process and I will be more than glad to help you out. Just make sure that you send me a small tip for my trouble and help me keep this blog alive.

See you next week!